The Smallest Museum in Brighton

4Just over a week ago, a friend told me about a museum in Brighton that I had never visited. Naturally, I was intrigued, especially when I discovered that the museum claims to be the smallest in the city. Unable to find any reference to the space on the internet, I relied on my friend’s directions, and on a bitterly cold December afternoon finally discovered what turned out to be a tiny treasure.

Much like Anna of Anna’s Museum, the owners of this cabinet of curiosities, Henry and Alex, have started their curatorial careers rather precociously. A sign tells me that Henry is eight and half years old, and Alex only five and a half – although judging by how faded the lettering is, I suspect that these ages may well have increased! The same sign also tells me that the museum is open to visitors ‘by appointment only’. Sadly, no one was at home when I happened to pass, so I enjoyed looking at the tiny treasures through the steamed up glass windows, without any expert explanation.

Fossils; treasures from Thailand; curious objects, including some old toys and two rather cold looking Easter chicks, all stared out at me as I took in this unique exhibition. My favourite object was a solitary giraffe, which stood proudly on the window ledge – the fading sunlight reflecting beautifully off the thin layer of glass that protected it from the icy temperatures outside.

For me, it is unusual places like this that really bring Brighton’s quieter streets to life, and breath warmth into these cold Winter days.

Google Maps link for The Smallest Museum in Brighton


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