Redoubt Model Village Guide c.1957


Click on the image to view the whole Guide Book

In response to a recent post about the model village at The Redoubt in Eastbourne, Redoubt volunteer Peter Harrison kindly emailed me a copy of the original guide book. Not only does this small book offer an in-depth description of the spaces and how they were constructed, it also has an incredible narrative style. Highlights include paragraphs like this:

Snippet of text

Paul White, grandson of the man who created the model village, kindly explained more about how the guide book was produced:

My Grandfather did a rough outline of what he wanted and then the printing company produced the final product. Im not sure who actually did the drawings though. The guide book was made with a very good family friend and fellow model village owner/creator Stanley Deboo who created the Hastings model village. My Grandfather and Stanley wanted to promote both Eastbourne and Hastings model villages so the idea of making a guide book was born.. The original plan was to have real photos but the cost was far too much so drawings were used instead.

This booklet, and the amazing photographs that Paul White shared, are the closest I can hope to get to experiencing this unusual space.

If you would like to see more of The Redoubt yourself, Peter Harrison conducts a tour of the military fortress every Tuesday and Wednesday at 11.00am and 12pm. Please phone in advance to confirm a place – contact details and more are available on the Visit Eastbourne website.


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